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Roberto roberto at ceseng.net
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According to Ashrae 90.1 (either 2007 or 2010) the fenestration must be
labeled or in case of site built fenestration the installer or supplier must
provide a certification listing the fenestration properties (see art 5.8.2).
These are data that must be provided to the mechanical designer for
performing the load calculations even before the modeling process; you can
force either the Architect that is specifying the fenestration or the GC to
provide the data otherwise they are not in compliance with Ashrae energy
standard and so not meeting the LEED energy pre-requisite.


It seems to me that using the window program or other mean to find the
assembly performance is a burden that should not be on the mechanical
designer or energy modeler.


If you are lucky that the Architect has specified YKK AP products you can
find on the YKK AP website "My Thermal Assistant" that calculates their
products assembly U-factor, SHGC and VT per NFRC 100 and NFRC 200 in fast
simple steps.



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