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Denis Chabot Denis.Chabot at cima.ca
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In previous LEED models, I used FRAME Plus window analysis for Canadian projects, it's simple and fast. It's got built-in glass manufacturer values. The drawback Is it is very limited in frame type, so if you're lucky it will match your application. If not you could use LBNL Windows software. You then create a window type in your library with the overall calculated values.


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Working on a LEED energy model in Trace. I typically use HAP, which allows the input of a window frame type, and it then calculates the entire window assembly U-value and SC, rather than just the glass.

I've had LEED reviewers come back and ask me for my window assembly calcs and I was able to show how HAP was doing that calc based on the frame type as well. However, I can't find anything similar in Trace, and I'm getting nervous about how to show assembly calculations to a LEED reviewer. I've had terrible luck in the past getting assembly values from the manufacturer as well.

I spoke with CDS and they recommended modeling a small sliver of wall that is representative of the frame, which seems quite tedious.

Has anyone either experienced this issue, and figured out a work around?


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