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   Type1231 was developed based on correlations to model a heating 
radiator, not a cooling radiator and it is likely that the correlations 
simply do not hold true in cooling applications. I would look to a 
different model.  I would also be a bit careful; most in-room cooling 
radiators operate above the dewpoint because getting condensation all 
over their surfaces causes other problems.

   As for connecting Type1231's output to Type56, define an energy gain 
input (as opposed to a constant value or a schedule) in the zone that 
contains the radiator. Then connect the Type1231 heat transfer output to 
the gain input. I would recommend that you split the gain about 80% 
convective and 20% radiative. Despite their name, most radiators do 
significant heating by convection.

On 6/28/2013 13:34, Enyuan Hu wrote:
> Dear all,
> I'm trying to model radiant cooling using the type 1231 radiator in 
> TESS library for TRNSYS 17. The model may be loose for cooling as 
> condensation is not considered, but we want to have some idea of the 
> effect when only convection and radiation are dominant. I'm looking 
> for answers to two questions:
> 1. Is there any example or tutorial that shows how the radiator can be 
> used with type 56, or how they communicate?
> 2. In searching previous threads on using the radiator, it seemed that 
> there's restriction on the inlet water temperature, that it, it must 
> be at least 0.5C above the room temperature. Can we circumvent this 
> restriction?
> Thanks.
> Enyuan
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