[TRNSYS-users] Error with TRNOPT

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Have you checked to make sure that all external files referenced in the simulation studio (such as weather files or performance data) have the full file path information?

For example:

rather than

TRNExe will work with relative file paths but TRNOPT does not. This is a rather non-intuitive requirement that is easy to miss.

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I am having problem running GenOpt, the error given is as below. I have tried running my system without genopt and it works perfectly fine, but as I ran genopt, the error was given. I cannot find the log file, to determine the error. The error below is copied from genopt.

Can you help me this problem?



Error from genopt

Assigning 2 threads for simulations.

Exception in executing the simulation program

Simulation working directory : 'C:\Trnsys17\Optimization\GenOpt\Simulation\tmp-genopt-run-1'
Command string               : 'C:\Trnsys17\Exe\TRNExe.exe "C:\Trnsys17\Optimization\GenOpt\Simulation\tmp-genopt-run-1\GenoptInputFile.DCK" /n /WAIT '
Exception message:

Error in executing the simulation program
Exit value of the simulation program: 1
Working directory                   : 'C:\Trnsys17\Optimization\GenOpt\Simulation\tmp-genopt-run-1'.
Current command String              : 'C:\Trnsys17\Exe\TRNExe.exe "C:\Trnsys17\Optimization\GenOpt\Simulation\tmp-genopt-run-1\GenoptInputFile.DCK" /n /WAIT '.
Error stream of simulation program  : Simulation program did not return an error stream.

GenOpt terminated with error.

See logfile for further information.

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