[TRNSYS-users] Help "defining the borehole energy in Type 557"

Su Huang sh377 at uowmail.edu.au
Mon Jun 10 13:11:03 PDT 2013

Dear TRNSYS users,

I am wondering how to calculate the internal energy change of the borehole heat exchangers using Type 557:

△Uborehole = Qborehole-(Qtop+Qside+Qbelow)

Is the formula right?

Qborehole: Average heat transfer rate
Qtop: Heat loss through top of storage
Qside: Heat loss through side of storage
Qbelow: Heat loss through bottom of storage

Many thanks!

Su Huang

Ph.D Candidate in Sustainable Buildings Research Centre

University of Wollongong

Email: sh377 at uowmail.edu.au<mailto:sh377 at uowmail.edu.au>

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