[TRNSYS-users] regarding problem in Photovoltaic operated air conditioning

Bachchulal Gupta blgbharatpur at gmail.com
Fri May 2 09:44:11 PDT 2014

dear all
i am simulating a Five zone office building operated Monday - Friday 9AM to
6 PM
the cooling load was already calculated .
at present i am air conditioning East zone through ventilation by a
packaged terminal air conditioning ,the air conditioner is power by
photovoltaic panel via inverter regulator and battery bank .
various equation are made for signals of schedule alog with thermostat

temperature was maintained at pre defined value , but my problem is that
air conditioners was operated even very low panel wattage and low battery
AH, while no any grid power was taken by a large AC even 100W panel is
while i was already simulated a refrigerator in that case when power from
solar / battery / panel is low then it will take grid powers
pls see and suggest what can i do
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