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At 05:23 PM 9/3/2008, Wise, James A wrote:
>I think  the commercial building sector is much further along in 
>reducing the cost differential between green and standard practices 
>than the residential one, especially in this part of the PNW. BTW, 
>most of LEED Residential was totally irrelevant to the design and 
>construction decisions that had to be made by myself, the owner, on 
>my homebuilding project. I looked everywhere for a really helpful 
>SFH green building guide or rating system when starting out, but was 
>severely disappointed in what I didn't find.

I certainly second that, as someone who does commercial sector 
estimating for a living and recently built myself a LEED-certifiable 
house.   I think the differential is higher, but maybe I did more 
"gourmet" things because of our own concerns & priorities.  A really 
Green house, one that is sustainable for today and the future, would 
I think as compared to a standard builders house cost right now at 
least 20% more.   Or even more on a same floor area basis.  Of course 
one of the major factors that helps keep the cost differetntial down, 
is that a sustainable house certainly ought to be smaller in 
area.  To me that is about the one good thing in the LEED   rating 
system.  But its hard to know what one is comparing to what.
the chance to look at various rating systems, and also getting real 
feedback on performance, will help to nail things down.

Dean Sherwin

>Looking forward to great discussions ahead,

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