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Paul McKeever pmckeever at tvsa.com
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Google sketchup (freeware) now has a plug in for IES software that works with ve-ware (freeware) that is very simple and easy to use and performs basic performance calculations:

Ecotect is another software that has been geared more toward research and educational purposes and has a lot of tutorials and good rates for students; it allows the user to model (or import model) and run a wide range of environmental analysis simulations:

Both are easy to use and work well for testing various schematic design approaches.  



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You may find DesignBuilder a good choice  for this purpose. DesignBuilder combines state-of-the-art thermal simulation software (EnergyPlus)  with an easy-to-use yet powerful 3D modeler. 
You can download a fully functional, 30 days evaluation, copy from our website:
Mahabir Bhandari, Ph.D., LEED AP 
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I am helping out with the planning of the student design competition for the upcoming NESEA conference this up coming March.  (http://www.buildingenergy.nesea.org/)   I think it would be great if the contestants in addition to designing sexy building to have the design heating and cooling loads as part of their entry.  Can anybody recommend any friendly software that would be forgiving for first time users and the technically impaired?  I know that HAP puts out a basic block load calculator but my major issue with it is that it does not take into account the potential of shading its self as a result of complex building forms and asking contestants to use EQuest would just be crewel.  I am looking for a happy medium that would have the building geometry front end that Equest that doesn’t require a PE to operate.  Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
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