[Bldg-rate] Advanced Buildings Core Performance Guide - Steam Boilers & LEED 2009 for Health Care

Paul Riemer Paul.Riemer at dunhameng.com
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These advanced prescriptive paths occasionally deviate from today's reality.

So do you want steam or do you want to meet the Advanced Building Core Performance Guide?

The LEED 2009 for Health Care Rating Draft would put us in a similar quandary by requiring 90% efficiency.  Many health care parties need/want steam for humidification purposes.

Do these authors intend for us to create a humidification system separate from the main space heating system? And if so, are they willing to set that system aside from their checklist or do they want to see some contrived combined heating & humidification efficiency calculation?
I missed the window to provide that feedback to the USGBC so I hope someone else did.

Paul Riemer

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Hello all,

Does anyone have any experience specifying high efficiency steam boilers to meet the Advanced Building Core Performance Guide requirements?  Table 2.9.4 lists Steam Boilers at a minimum efficiency of 89% Et.

>From what I've been able to gather, high efficiency steam boilers typically max out at 83% Ec/AFUE.  Also, in speaking with local manufacturer's representatives, they have never seen a steam boiler appliance achieve this level of efficiency.  Is this a mistake?  If not, does anyone know of a product that can meet this efficiency level?

Any help would be appreciated.


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