[BLDG-SIM] cooking energy

Tom Anderson hvac at together.net
Wed Jun 9 07:12:40 PDT 1999


I am not sure this reference has the specific data you are looking for,
but try ASHRAE Cooling and Heating Load Calculation Manual, Second
Ed.     All types of institutional appliances are listed and the heat
output is broken down by appliance size, capacity, hooded or not, etc.
Possibly one could work backwards from the BtuH output ratings to
determine energy source input.

Hope this helps.

Tom Anderson

Mark Case wrote:

>  not technically building simulation but I'll ask anywayDoes anyone
> know of good reference numbers for institutional kitchen energy
> consumption?something like gas or electric per meal for prep, cooking,
> cleanup?gallons of hot water per meal?Mark E. Case, P.E.President, etc
> Group, Inc.3481 South 2300 EastSalt Lake City, Utah 84109801-278-1927,
> 801-278-1942 (F)
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