[BLDG-SIM] Reasonableness Checks (was: cooking energy)

Jason Glazer jglazer at gard.com
Wed Jun 9 06:03:00 PDT 1999

Personally, I would consider the question below a building 
simulation issue.  Judgment on end-use intensities is one 
of the most common reasonableness checks that building 
simulation users have.  Another reasonableness check is 
sensitivity analysis - temporarily altering major input 
assumptions and making sure the building responds in a way 
that makes sense by checking annual and peak electricity 
and gas usage.  These checks are both based on engineering 
judgment like most reasonableness checks.  

What other reasonableness checks are the list members using 
when doing building simulations?   What other quality 
assurance techniques are the list members using?


On 8 Jun 99, at 17:19, Mark Case wrote:

> not technically building simulation but I'll ask anyway
> Does anyone know of good reference numbers for institutional kitchen
> energy consumption? something like gas or electric per meal for prep,
> cooking, cleanup? gallons of hot water per meal?

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