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Sorry for the confusion but we're looking for a seminar presentation at the
Dallas meeting. There isn't enough time to put together a symposium for
Dallas. If there is enough interest we will do a symposium at the summer
2000 meeting in Minneapolis.
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    Subject: call for papers

    HELP - I haven't received much response to this earlier mailing so I've
extended the deadline - I need proposed abstracts by June 17th or hand
delivered at the Seattle ASHRAE meeting before Sunday Afternoon (June 20).

    Natural Ventilation in Large Buildings:ASHRAE Technical Committee
TC1.10 - Energy Resources and TG2.BIE - Buildings' Impact on the Environment
are looking for Symposium  (Oops - I meant SEMINAR) presentations on
"Natural Ventilation in Large Buildings: Applications, Barriers and Case
Studies" for the Annual meeting in Dallas, February 2000. We are interested
in a wide range of issues from design tools, case studies, barriers to
application, code concerns, IAQ, etc. Proposed Abstracts are due by June
1st. Selections will be made by June 31st and final Abstracts are due July
31st. If you are interested in presenting, please contact me. Please pass
this along and post where appropriate. Mark E. Case, P.E.President, etc
Group, Inc.3481 South 2300 EastSalt Lake City, Utah 84109801-278-1927,
801-278-1942 (F)mcase at etcgrp.com
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