[BLDG-SIM] Modeling an Enclosed Shopping Mall

Bob Ramirez bob at rer.com
Fri Oct 29 09:06:59 PDT 1999

Hi all

I haven't seen any action from this list for awhile, but I think I have a
good one.

Does anyone have experience simulating an enclosed shopping mall in DOE-2?
If so, I'd be interested in knowing what kind of an approach you used.  Both
a package unit based and central-system type HVAC systems would be
considered.  I'm especially interested in how (or if) you handled the tenant
space/common area interactions, and any other special concerns to be aware
of for these unique building types.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Bob Ramirez

Bob Ramírez (bobram at rer.com or bob at rer.com)
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