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>Graduate Research Program for Women
>Primary Sponsor: Lucent Technologies (NJ)
>Deadline: 1/8/2001
>PURPOSE: The Graduate Research Program for Women (GRPW) is
>designed to identify and develop research ability in women
>and to increase female representation in science and
>engineering. GRPW is sponsored by the Lucent Technologies
>Foundation and Bell Laboratories, and provides financial
>support for outstanding women students who are pursuing
>full-time doctoral studies in the following disciplines:
>- Chemical Engineering
>- Chemistry
>- Communications Science
>- Computer Science/ Engineering
>- Electrical Engineering
>- Information Science
>- Materials Science
>- Mathematics
>- Mechanical Engineering
>- Operations Research
>- Physics
>- Statistics
>DEADLINE: January 8, 2001
>SUMMARY: The program is primarily directed to graduating
>college seniors, but applications from first-year graduate
>students will be considered. Applications should include
>information on scholastic background, academic standing,
>and related job experience, plus a statement of interest.
>Candidates will need:
>- Completed application form.
>- Statement of interest.
>- Official transcripts of grades to be sent from their institutions.
>- Graduate Record Examination scores on the Aptitude Test
>      and the Advanced Test (to be submitted by listing on the
>      GRE registration form Institution Code 2026, Lucent Technologies).
>- Three letters of recommendation from college professors or employers
>      who can evaluate the applicant's scientific aptitude and potential
>Fellowship: The fellowship provides full tuition, an annual
>stipend of $17,000, books, fees, and related travel
>expenses. Fellowship recipients may not accept any other
>fellowship support.
>Grant: The grant provides an annual award of $2,000, which
>is to be used to support aspects of the recipient's
>professional development not normally covered by other
>awards (expenses for child care, personal computing
>equipment and software, or visits to other university
>research laboratories). The grant is intended to be in
>addition to any other financial support the candidate
>may receive.
>Fellowships and grants will be renewed on a yearly basis
>for up to four years of graduate study subject to the
>participant's satisfactory progress toward the doctoral
>Internships: Internships at Bell Laboratories are also
>offered to fellowship and grant holders for subsequent
>graduate school summers. During periods of internship
>at Bell Laboratories, participants receive salaries
>from Bell Laboratories commensurate with their level
>of experience and training.
>Selection of Candidates
>Participants will be selected on the basis of scholastic
>attainment in their fields of specialization, and other
>evidence of their ability and potential as research
>scientists. Finalists will be invited to visit Bell
>Laboratories for personal interviews. At that time, they
>will speak with members of the technical staff in their
>field of interest to aid in the selection of award
>winners and in the choice of a mentor. Awards will be
>made only to women who are U.S. citizens or permanent
>residents, and who are admitted to full-time study in a
>doctoral program agreed to by the the Foundation.
>Applications and all supporting documentation, in one
>package, must be received by January , 2001.
>Application forms for GRPW may be obtained on-line at:
><http://www.bell-labs.com/fellowships/GRPW>  and should
>be returned to the address below.
>Lucent Fellowship Program - GRPW
>Scholarship Management Services, CSFA
>1505 Riverview Road
>P.O. Box 297
>St. Peter, MN 56082
>Email: coopgraduate at lucent.com <mailto:coopgraduate at lucent.com>
>Website: http://www.bell-labs.com/fellowships/GRPW
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>- Aristotle
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>U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
>Radiation & Indoor Environments National Laboratory
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>Las Vegas, NV 89193-8517
>Tel: (702) 798-2446
>Fax: (702) 798-2465
>petullo.colleen at epa.gov <mailto:petullo.colleen at epa.gov>

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