[BLDG-SIM] Request for help simulating a reservoir

Dominique Michaud Dominique.Michaud at dessausoprin.com
Thu Jun 8 08:49:00 PDT 2000

I am trying to simulate a 78 600 gallon reservoir for a water loop heat pump
system in DOE-2.1E. I want to operate the reservoir to store energy during
off-peak hours (between the hours of 22 and 7) for cooling and heating
purposes. The heat will be supplied by an electric boiler and the cooling
supplied by a water tower. I am having trouble with the PLANT portion of the
simulation (ie. the SYSTEMS component runs optimally but when the loads are
carried over to the PLANT, the peak power demand is much too high). I think
the problem lies in the boiler: the boiler seems to be trying to warm the
reservoir instantaneously, drawing far too much power.

If someone has simulated a similar reservoir and could guide me through the
process, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Dominique Michaud
Building Energy Analyst

Environment and Sustainable Development
375 blvd. Rolland-Therrien Suite 400
Longueuil, Quebec, Canada J4H 4A6
(514) 281-1010

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