[BLDG-SIM] SimCad presentation - Milwaukee, August 1st

Werner Keilholz werner at cstb.fr
Mon Jun 25 10:45:41 PDT 2001

Dear all,

A presentation of the SimCad CAD software for building simulation
will be held at the department of architecture at the University of
Wisconsin-Milwaukee, in collaboration with CSTB, France,

on Wednesday, August 1st 2001.

The SimCad tool as well as the TRNSYS package will be presented
in the morning. In the afternoon, participants who wish to do so
have the opportunity to try out the tools in an exercise session.

The goal of this meeting is to present the concept of SimCad to
interested architects, consultants and researchers, but also to discuss
how this type of tool could evolve to better fit the needs of

This meeting is free of charge. (Lunch is not included.)

If you are interested, please contact Mike Utzinger
mailto:utzinger at sarup.uwm.edu

Details about SimCad and TRNSYS can be found here

Sorry for cross-postings.

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  \____/     CSTB Sophia Antipolis, EVL Division
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  /    \____ Mailto:werner at cstb.fr
  \____/     http://evl.cstb.fr/english/team/WK/werner.htm

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