[BLDG-SIM] Building Simulation in the U.S.

Godfried Augenbroe godfried.augenbroe at arch.gatech.edu
Sat Jun 9 06:11:42 PDT 2001

At Georgia Tech we are doing quite a bit on Building Simulation. I 
presented a keynote paper at the IBPC 2000 Conference in Eindhoven last 
September, with an overview of trends and challenges for building 
simulation. It refers to some of our own work.
I can send a pdf version to interested readers (Netiquette prohibits me to 
add an attachment to a message to the list).

One key effort in collaboration with UMichigan (Malkawi) and 
Carnegie-Mellon University (Mahdavi) is the Design Analysis Interface (DAI) 
project, funded by DOE. The project is starts this summer.

A short summary of the DAI project:
The basic premise of the research is that building simulation needs to be 
viewed in its process context. E.g. the steps for the fulfillment of a 
design request must be defined in an analysis (simulation) scenario. In the 
DAI approach these scenarios are captured explicitly, and are unique to 
each project. Every step in the scenario may call a generic analysis 
function, which can be delegated to a particular simulation software at 
execution time. This provides a clean separation between function and 
software implementation.
At the same time each step in a scenario needs input data, that is derived 
from available design information. This derivation is done through a 
mixture of computable mappings (based on the IAI-IFC or other structured 
information) and user-driven constructive mappings of  other information 
(mainly concerned with expert modeling of simulation inputs).
One fundamental aspect of the research is to develop effective 
communication with the tool user community, in particular the EnergyPlus 
They will help to identify, advise and later assess the capabilities of 
what is produced.  We need to identify their most common use scenarios and 
understand clearly the processes typically followed to diagnose, pose then 
test solutions. Given these processes, we will develop interfaces, new 
tools or other technology that facilitates the identified scenarios.
We will be hosting workshops with simulation practitioners this fall. 
Invitations will be announced using this mailing list.


Fried Augenbroe
Doctoral Program
Georgia Tech, College of Architecture

At 09:44 AM 6/8/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Greetings --
>I am giving a talk next week at the eSim 2001 conference in Ottawa titled 
>"Building Simulation in the U. S."  The idea is to give a 30 minute 
>overview of simulation activity in the U.S.
>I've web searched and talked to many people, trying to make sure I don't 
>miss anything that deserves mention.
>If you are involved in simulation-related work in the U.S. that you think 
>should be covered (and I haven't already contacted you), please send me 
>some brief info.  In particular, I'd like to get more info from people 
>using simulation in design practice (or hear why you don't use simulation).
>I emphasize BRIEF -- the topic is large and the talk is short.  I will 
>finish preparing my presentation on Mon., so send a few words and/or URLs 
>today.  Thanks for any help!
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