[BLDG-SIM] Building Simulation in the U.S.

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I don't disagree that a greater emphasis on producing 
"friendly" building energy simulation software could 
increase its usage as would greater training but are those 
really the biggest problems?  If they are, are they 
solvable?  What does "friendly" mean here?  If they are not 
the biggest problems, what else is preventing every 
building (or at least every large building) in the U.S. 
from being designed with the aid of energy simulation 

I know I'm changing the topic but these are questions that 
I ponder and I'd like to know other people's impressions.


On 8 Jun 2001, at 8:25, Mark E. Case wrote:

> We use simulation heavily for existing buildings' analysis
> and in support of new building design. We are currently
> working on both low energy design and LEED compliance
> analysis for new buildings, working directly for the owner
> as an adjunct to the design team. I am often concerned that
> the US DOE efforts on new simulation tools looses sight of a
> significant portion of the audience - practicing consultants
> and designers. While we want rigorous accurate tools they
> must also be user friendly. Not simple, because buildings
> are not simple, but friendly. Simulation would be used more
> frequently if it were. I think there should be as much
> emphasis placed on interface and speed as there is on
> mathematical modeling. There also needs to be significantly
> more training and outreach.
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> Greetings --
> I am giving a talk next week at the eSim 2001 conference in
> Ottawa titled "Building Simulation in the U. S."  The idea
> is to give a 30 minute overview of simulation activity in
> the U.S.
> I've web searched and talked to many people, trying to make
> sure I don't miss anything that deserves mention.
> If you are involved in simulation-related work in the U.S.
> that you think should be covered (and I haven't already
> contacted you), please send me some brief info.  In
> particular, I'd like to get more info from people using
> simulation in design practice (or hear why you don't use
> simulation).
> I emphasize BRIEF -- the topic is large and the talk is
> short.  I will finish preparing my presentation on Mon., so
> send a few words and/or URLs today.  Thanks for any help!
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