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Going by the Energy Cost Budget Method of compliance in 90.1 there are 
relatively few parameters which can be changed.  However, the rules are 
somewhat different for a LEED comparison.  90.1 does not allow a comparison 
between radically different HVAC systems for example, a LEED comparison 
does.  Check out the pertinent sections in the LEED Reference Guide for a 
complete discussion of what is and is not allowed in a LEED comparison, it 
is different than a strict 90.1 comparison.  This would account for the 
difference in the 35% going by 90.1 and the higher values in LEED.  We just 
submitted a project that exceeded 90.1 by 55% using the LEED allowed 
methods of comparison.

At 06:45 PM 6/5/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>We have been involved locally with trying to use ASHRAE 90.1, both 1989 
>and 1999 as a metric in new building design - i.e., `xx% better than code 
>minimum' for both LEED compliance and for a State buildings program. I 
>know there are a number of similar programs and initiatives throughout the 
>country. I am also slated to give a presentation on "Issues Around Using 
>ASHRAE 90.1-1999 as a Metric" at the ASHRAE Annual meeting in June 
>(Seminar 28).
>I'm looking for two things - first what experiences have people had with 
>`exceeding' the code by x%? I've heard rumors that a reputable simulation 
>firm said 35% can't be done if you strictly interpret the code. LEED 
>provides credit for 40% and 50% improvements. We've been using a 
>completely arbitrary target of 35%, which with a little  c o d 
>e  stretching seems to be obtainable. What is realistic based on your 
>Second, I would like to get some feedback on the whole `using 90.1 as a 
>metric` issue that I might include in my presentation to round it out a 
>Any feedback would be appreciated and of course I would credit anything I 
>used in the Seminar.
>Mark E. Case, P.E.
>etc Group, Inc.

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