[BLDG-SIM] Mailing List Mentioned in Home Energy Magazine

Jason Glazer jglazer at gard.com
Fri Mar 23 08:39:10 PST 2001

The March/April 2001 issue of Home Energy lists the BLDG-
SIM mailing list in the article "Seeking Green Building on  
the Internet" along with 10 other electronic discussion 
groups.  It is nice to get some publicity.  

The more people on the mailing list the greater the 
collective wisdom and the more we can help each other.  At 
least that is a common theory.  For this type of mailing 
list with such a specialized topic, one of the best ways to 
increase its membership is for the participants to spread 
the word.  If you feel that subscribing to this mailing 
list would help someone else in the building energy 
simulation field who might not be aware of the mailing 
list, please point them to our web site at:



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