[BLDG-SIM] New: TMY2BIN creates bin weather files from TMY2 files

randy wilkinson randy at hvacware.net
Wed Dec 4 22:40:09 PST 2002

hvacware.net announces:  TMY2BIN

This program converts TMY2 weather files to bin weather data for quick
energy calulations. It considers the dry bulb temperature only. And
currently, only US imperial units. Your can choose to create 2 degree, 4
degree, 5 degree, or 10 degree temperature bins. There is also an 8760
hourly output option so you can perform more detailed studies. 

As you know, TMY2 weather files for most major cities are available for
free on the Internet.

The really great thing about this bin weather file generator is it's
method of separating occupied hours from unoccupied hours.  It takes a
few simple clicks to define the occupied periods.

Find out more at our site:  http://www.hvacware.net

Randy Wilkinson <randy at hvacware.net>

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