[BLDG-SIM] New Version of EnergyPlus (1.0.3) Now Available

Drury.Crawley at EE.DOE.GOV Drury.Crawley at EE.DOE.GOV
Wed Dec 4 18:23:00 PST 2002

A new version of EnergyPlus (1.0.3) was released on November 29, 2002 and
is now available on the EnergyPlus web site (www.energyplus.gov).  Version
1.0.3 is currently available for Windows with a Linux version to follow in

What's New in EnergyPlus V 1.0.3

The following new or improved capabilities have been added in this release:
·     Composite Constructions data set
·     Variable Speed Fans
·     Cooling Tower improvements
·     Many COMIS improvements (e.g. COMIS air flow through interzone
windows and doors,
            venting through openable doors, add "no vent" strategy)
·     Pond heat exchanger
·     Ground surface heat exchanger
·     Coldest Zone supply air set point strategy
·     Atmospheric pollution calculation reporting
·     Design Day "inputs" from weather files
·     Entire Design Conditions produced as Location-Design Day combo data
set file
·     New input file example for each new feature
·     Weather data interpolation (hourly to time step)
·     Improved reporting (EnergyPlus, Weather statistics)
·     Searching capability (Acrobat index) for all documentation
·     Improved documentation (Output Details document, Input Output
Reference, Engineering,
            Auxiliary Programs)

Available for download at no cost from the EnergyPlus web site:

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