[BLDG-SIM]VisualDOE 3.1 - A New Tool for Green Building Design

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VisualDOE 3.1 - A New Tool for Green Building Design

Eley Associates is pleased to announce Version 3.1 of VisualDOE, a state
of the art program for performing whole-building energy analysis using
DOE-2 on PCs running MS Windows 95/98/NT/Me/2000/XP. 

What is VisualDOE

VisualDOE 3.1 is a new green building design tool that allows users to
evaluate energy and demand impacts of design alternatives.  The program
covers all major building systems, including building envelope,
lighting, daylighting, water heating, HVAC and central plant. 

The first release of VisualDOE in 1994 dramatically reduced the time
required to perform accurate energy simulations,  version 3.1 takes this
ease-of-use and power to a new level. The program is targeted for
architects, engineers, MEP firms, energy consultants, utilities,
national laboratories, universities, energy service companies, HVAC
equipment manufacturers, and building product manufacturers. 

What Is New

.          Faster modeling and easier simulation results diagnosis

.          LEED style end-use report

.          Life cycle cost analysis of design alternatives

.          Supports both SI (metric) and IP units. All reports are
revised for SI units

.          Free LiveUpdate via the internet to download and install new

.          Modeling Tips to save your time and help diagnose simulation

.          Create up to 99 design alternatives within a project file

.          Weather File Converter to pack and unpack DOE-2 weather files

.          Create  a big energy model with 1024 zones and 256 systems

.          Re-use data from libraries, templates, and previous projects

.          Shows building statistics while you build an energy model

.          Improved custom block editor and DXF file import to create
complicated building shapes

.          New 3D view controls

.          Enhanced VisualDOE Reports for more useful information of the
building, zones and systems

.          Share library file to make VisualDOE network compatible

.          Export simulation reports to RTF or PDF files

.          One-stop editor showing files of input, BDL, output, hourly
reports, and weather statistics

.          Flexible data input of room internal heat gains in either
power density or total power use

.          Flexible data input of zone air flow. Air flow autosized or
manually sized

.          Define source energy use and process loads of a room

.          Adds escalation rate at the utility rate editor for life
cycle cost calculation

.          Adds emissivity to the outside surface of a construction
under construction editor

.          Periodic professional training seminars

.          Future integration of other calculation engines like

.          Share your VisualDOE experience with thousands of users in
more than 35 countries

More Information and Ordering

We have flexible licensing policy for different types of users. For
license details, free demo download and ordering, please visit our web
site  <http://www.eley.com/> www.eley.com or contact 

Eley Associates

142 Minna Street, Second Floor

San Francisco, CA 94105

Phone: (415) 957-1977 Fax: (415) 957-1381

Email:  <mailto:sales at eley.com> sales at eley.com,
<mailto:support at eley.com> support at eley.com


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