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Thu Mar 14 12:55:32 PST 2002

We are pleased to announce that 13 new Requests-For-Proposal have been
-posted on the ASHRAE web-site. (www.ashrae.org), click on "Research" and on
"Research Projects Ready to Bid".  Please give this information wide
distribution within your organization. 

One project (1257-TRP) has been granted extended bidding period status; that
is bids are not due until next Winter.  All other bids are due May 10th.  If
you plan on submitting a proposal on any project except 1257-RP, please so
inform me by  April 26th.

You are encouraged to review the ASHRAE Research Agreement and General
Conditions that are now posted on the web-site to assure yourself that these
documents will be acceptable to you and your institution's contracting

The titles of the projects listed are as follows:

1092-TRP, Development Of Procedures To Determine In-Situ Performance Of HVAC
Air Side Systems. TC 9.6, Systems Energy Utilization. 
1143-TRP. Reference Procedure to Obtain Typical Solar Spectra for Advanced
Solar Heat Gain Calculation. TC 4.5, Fenestration.  
1180-TRP, Design Guide For Duct Systems. TC 5.2, Duct Design.  
1221-TRP, Development Of Rating Parameters For Hybrid HVAC Systems. TC 6.4,
In Space Convection Heating. 
1239-TRP, Distribution Of Water Between Vapor And Liquid Phases Of
Refrigerants. TC 3.3, Refrigerant Contaminant Control.  
1243-TRP, Detection And Removal Of Gaseous Effluents And By-Products Of
Fungal Growth That Affect Indoor Environments Phase II. TC 2.3, Gaseous Air
Contaminants and Gas Contaminant Removal Equipment.  
1246-TRP, Design Data For Optimization Of Cryosurgical Probes. TC 10.4,
Ultra Low Temperature And Cryogenics. 
1247-TRP, Balcony Spill Plumes. TC 5.6, Control of Fire and Smoke.  
1251-TRP, Benchmarking Energy Usage In Supermarkets. TC 10.7, Commercial
Food and Beverage Cooling Display and Storage.  
1253-TRP, Measurement Of Solubility, Viscosity And Density Of R-507
(R-125/143a; 50:50) Refrigerant/Lubricant Mixtures. TC 3.4, Lubrication and
TC 8.1, Positive Displacement Compressors.  
1254-TRP, Evaluating The Ability Of Unitary Equipment To Maintain Adequate
Space Humidity Levels (Phase II) Simulations, Summary And Development Of
Guidelines. TC 6.7, Solar Energy Utilization.  
1257-TRP, Indoor Environmental Effects On Performance Of School Work By
Children. TC 2.1, Physiology and Human Environment.  
1260-TRP, Refrigerant Distribution In Evaporator Manifolds. TC 8.4,
Air-to-Refrigerant Heat Transfer Equipment.  

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