[BLDG-SIM] "Cool Roofing"

Wade McLaughlin wmclaughlin at dmiinc.com
Mon Oct 7 10:55:11 PDT 2002

Has anyone had any success modeling cool roofing options (i.e. reflective or light colored surfaces) in PowerDOE?  So far, I have seen negligible results from the adjustment of roof construction absorptance values (emissivity is also known to play a role, but there is no input for this in PowerDOE).  I have seen data showing cooling energy savings from 0.06 to 0.54 kWh/sqft/yr, depending on building type.  I am getting only a very small fraction of this.  Data collected in the study was from facilities in the southern and western US, and I work primarily on buildings in the Northeast.

My questions:
How well can I expect PowerDOE to simulate this?  Is there a better way to simulate cool roofing?  Is the sun simply too low in the sky in New England to yield substantial savings?

Your thoughts are appreciated.

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