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To Building Performance Simulationists far and wide:

Since 1998, the IBPSA News has been published only in PDF 
format on the IBPSA web site, http://www.ibpsa.org 
<http://www.ibpsa.org/> .  Please look there for past 
issues (we've already had two this year.)  

We are hoping to have a third issue in early to mid-
November, so please get your simulation news items to me as 
soon as possible.  Anything relating to simulation ==> 
conferences, awards, seminars, workshops, new software (no 
advertisements please, unless you want to pay).  We like 
color, and we like actual articles if we have your 
permission to publish.  

The CUT-OFF date for items for this next issue will be 25 

Thanks and best wishes.

L. Degelman, IBPSA Newsletter Chairperson 
(My e-mail is:larry at taz.tamu.edu) 
Larry O. Degelman, P.E.                  larry at taz.tamu.edu
Prof. Emeritus of Architecture    Ph./Fax: 1-979-696-2506
Texas A&M University 
College Station, TX 77845

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