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Thanks for all the information I received.  The questions about the
vertical height limits used in closed piping systems for tall buildings,
the alternative locations for pumps and equipment in piping systems, and
determining the number of and location of mechanical floors came up when
viewing piping riser diagrams at a graduate course at IIT-Chicago. 300
psi is equivalent to 690 ft (about 50 floors), but plate & frame HX's
can be designed for higher pressures up to 450 psi (over 1000 ft).
Shell & tube HXs are designed for even higher pressures so why not break
the piping system every 1000 ft with a HX when pumping say district CHW
up to cooling coils at say 2000 ft.  The riser diagram that I presented
to the class was based on a real project and showed plate & frame HXs
and the pump location on the discharge side of the HX.  I was hoping to
find published literature on this topic and on piping systems design for
high-rise buildings in general explaining the pros & cons of different
piping arrangements.  


Riser diagrams and equipment schedules on HVAC, Plumbing & Fire
Protection drawings identify most of the energy consuming products in
the base building with a few exceptions such as elevators.  All energy
consuming products in the building and their operating profiles have to
be entered as input into energy programs to get the correct electrical
demand costs.  Is there any interest in developing a teaching design
manual for graduate courses in "Energy Efficient Building Design" and
"Energy Codes & Code Compliance"?  The manual would be developed with
the support of architectural-engineering design firms and would
emphasize case studies of different types of buildings.


Varkie Thomas, Ph.D., P.E., CEM

Adjunct Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology.




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