[BLDG-SIM] nternal load profiles forresidential buildings in europe

Denis Bourgeois denis.bourgeois at arc.ulaval.ca
Wed Dec 10 07:35:14 PST 2003

It may not be Northeastern US, but you can find interesting data on energy use for various buildings types in Canada from the OEE site:


Specifically, section 10.2 of the COMMERCIAL AND INSTITUTIONAL BUILDING ENERGY USE SURVEY 2000 (CIBEUS) Detailed Statistical Report, December 2002(http://oee.nrcan.gc.ca/neud/dpa/energy_consumption_intensity.cfm?PrintView=N&Text=N) may be useful to you as it crosses regions with building types for total energy use (Obvious reminder: large parts of Atlantic, Quebec and Ontario 'regions' are quite similar in climate to NE US). Hope this helps!

Denis Bourgeois
École d'architecture, Université Laval
denis.bourgeois at arc.ulaval.ca


I'm looking for annual energy consumption costing data for the NorthEast US. (or any other related research)  I.E. kBtu/sf/yr for typical buildings such as offices, schools, etc.  

Presently our most reliable data consists of our own research on buildings (not formalized), our own modeling efforts, and Energy Star Target Finder.  

Thank you 

James F. Dolan, P.E. LEED AP

OLA Engineering

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