[BLDG-SIM] Increased R value Credit for Concrete and Themal Massing

Habaza11 at cs.com Habaza11 at cs.com
Fri Dec 5 17:38:19 PST 2003

My Ph.D thesis " An Integrated Design and Control Strategy for Energy 
Efficient Buildings, April 2002" discussed the relations between thermal mass " 
sensible and latent thermal mass", thermal insulation, solar radiation, and 
controlled natural ventilation. In this research I used Energy-Plus to test a house 
very similar to steve's house in Blacksburg, Virginia. The house was designed 
and built by Professor Yvan Beliveau (Virginia Tech.). I also collected field 
data for the house. 
In summary, Internal thermal mass is a heat storage. If free heat source (or 
cooling source) is available, e.g from windows during warm days in winter or 
ventilation during cool nights in summer, then, thermal mass is useful. But if 
no free heat source is available, then, thermal mass may hurt since it will 
store the heat from the active heating or cooling system, especially when using 
more than one temperature set point for the active air conditioning.
The other half of the story, which is utilizing the latent thermal mass, is 
introduced and  thoroughly investigated for the first time in this research. I 
can e-mail this thesis in PDF file to any one who is interested in this 
Hussein. Abaza
Assistant Professor 
East Carolina University

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