[BLDG-SIM] Increased R value Credit for Concrete and Themal Massing

Ian Doebber idoebber at vt.edu
Tue Dec 2 13:06:48 PST 2003

The equivalent wall concept incorporates the increased performance of your large thermal mass wall relative to say a wood frame structure due to both changes in insulation and thermal mass.  Therefore, increasing the R-value of your structure to the effective R-value and then increasing the mass would unrealistically make your building perform even better.  Even though I have never used it, DOE2 does not handle thermal mass benefits that well which is one of the improvements with using EnergyPlus.  Two journals that I recommend reading from ASHRAE Transactions are:

"Performance Check Between Whole Building Thermal Performance Criteria and Exterior Wall Measured Clear Wall R-Value, Thermal Briding, Thermal Mass, and Airtightness" by Jan Kosny, J.E. Christian ....

"Thermal Mass Credits Relating to Building Envelope Energy Standards" by "J.E. Christian

Hope these help.

Ian Doebber
Graduate Student
Virginia Tech
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  Dear Folks

  Has anyone explored the increased R value credits for thermal massing for example Dow T-Mass etc. and can one simply increase the R value to the 'effective R value while changing the mass in DOE.  I would like some more background on this credit with 3rd party validation


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