[BLDG-SIM] request for example file for full air conditioning system + contr ol scheme

Christian Struck Christian.Struck at BuroHappold.com
Tue Jan 21 10:09:25 PST 2003

Dear all,

as starters with Energy Plus we currently experience problems controlling a
single zone model correctly. Our aim is to maintain a certain temperature an
humidity range for the space. It was no problem to set up devices such as  (
in order)

Cooling coil ( dehumidifier, controlled by hum ratio )
Cooling coil 
Heating coil

Now we are busy trying the system to work as we want. Temp range 17-18degC
						        rel Hum range 45

Could whoever has an example system file make it available for me to see
where we went in the wrong direction? Furthermore it would be helpful to
look at a control scheme (picture) since it is very hard for me to get my
head around all the nodes.
I think we just need to be sure want parameter we control where and how to
define it.

Many thanks for your effort in advance

Kind Regards


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