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To the Bldg-Sim Community:

I had a friend in graduate school who took at job at Hanford.  A couple of years later she was back - her new born son had just been operated on for testicular cancer.  Unfortunately we cannot say whether it was just bad luck or it was from exposure to radiation at Hanford.  

Please fully educate yourself and your students to the risks associated radiation exposure before working at nuclear facilities.  An excellent book on understanding the science behind this is Dr. John Goffman's  "Radiation and Human Health" published by the Sierra Club.  

Nonetheless we need people who are willing to protect the public from the toxins in our environment.  Ideally the people in this position have the needed information so that they are not put in harms way and can truely protect the health of people in neighboring communities.


Jon McHugh

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A colleague of mine is looking for a Mid Level Mechanical Engineer in
the Tri-Cities area.  Position will be responsible for an environmental
studies/testing for DOE facilities at the Hanford site.  Candidates will
conduct engineering tests and calculations on tank farms at Hanford.
The environmental tests and calculations will be used to monitor
emissions from past tank projects.  All tank related experience with
regards to exhaust, emissions and ventilation is a plus.

Qualifications include a BSME with 8-15 years experience in mechanical
retro fits and new construction.  Successful candidate will have one to
three years of holding tank related experience.  Ideal candidates will
have knowledge of exhaust, emissions or air quality testing.  Past
experience on DOE facility is a plus.

The position is contract-to-permanent. Compensation is extremely
competitive and is based on experience.

If you would like to learn more about it please contact Jason DiGiacomo
at [Toll Free] 800/366-2304 x4241at or [e] jdigiaco at onsitecompanies.com.

Please pass this opportunity on to other potentially interested and
qualified engineers.

Join Onsite Energy Services, one of the largest providers of specialized
personnel and management services to the commercial nuclear industry,
Department of Energy, the utilities industry, and engineering and
consulting firms throughout the nation.  Assignments vary from several
weeks to several years with many offering permanent opportunities.
Onsite Energy Services offers comprehensive benefits including medical,
dental, optical, and optional 401k.

Andy Jochems

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