[BLDG-SIM] Autocad/dxf to DOE2.x

Fred Porter fporter at archenergy.com
Tue Jan 14 16:18:54 PST 2003

Does anyone have experiences, positive or negative, with 
currently-available translators? In particular, I would like to import 
some complicated atrium roofs, walls, and internal shading surfaces from 
a 3D Autocad file to either DOE2.1 or DOE2.2. I usually get by with a 
homebrewed system that uses Visio as an intermediary between 2D Autocad 
and DOE2.1 BDL.

The products I know of are Visual DOE, Equest, and PowerDOE. I've been 
told Equest probably can't do what I want, but I will try it first if 
anyone thinks it might have a chance, since it is free.

Fred W. Porter
Senior Engineer
Architectural Energy Corp.
2540 Frontier Ave. Suite 201
Boulder CO 80301 

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