[BLDG-SIM] More EnergyPlus Weather Data ...and comparison of EnergyPlus with DOE-2/BLAST

Drury.Crawley at EE.DOE.GOV Drury.Crawley at EE.DOE.GOV
Wed Aug 18 16:49:25 PDT 2004

Two new sets of weather data covering Spain and six countries in
Central America/Caribbean are now available in EnergyPlus format:

Spanish Weather for Energy Calculations (SWEC)
Originally developed for use with Calener, a new program for building
energy labelling in Spain, these weather files cover all 52 Spanish
provincial capitals. Calener was developed by the Grupo de Termotecnia
of the Escuela Superior de Ingeneiros in Seville for the Spanish
Government. The weather files were synthetically generated using
Climed (Portuguese software developed by Ricardo Aguiar) from mean
monthly data coming from the Spanish Meteorological National Institute.
These weather files were converted from the DOE-2 binary to EnergyPlus
format and include constant wind speeds of 6.7 m/s.  Our thanks to
Profesor Luis Pérez-Lombard and the Grupo de Termotecnia of the
Escuela Superior de Ingenieros for sharing these data with the EnergyPlus

New EnergyPlus format Weather Data for Central America and Cuba
We are happy to announce the availability of new EnergyPlus-format weather
data for 37 locations in Central America (Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala,
Honduras, and Nicaragua) and Cuba.  The data are from the Solar and
Wind Energy Resource Assessment (SWERA) project, funded by the United
National Environment Programme, Global Environment Facility. (More
information on SWERA is available on their web site: http://swera.unep.net/
Thanks to SWERA for making these data available.

These two new sets bring the total number of weather files available
on the EnergyPlus web site to 665 with more than 280 in the US, 55
in Canada, and 320 around the world.  All the new data are available
on the international weather page of the EnergyPlus web site:

If you know of other typical weather data that could be shared with
EnergyPlus and ESP-r users, please contact us directly.  We have
another set of 60+ files created for Italy and a few others throughout
the world that we plan to post as soon as time allows.

Comparison of EnergyPlus with DOE-2 and BLAST
A recently published paper compares the capabilities of EnergyPlus
with those of DOE-2.1E and BLAST.  The paper was presented at
the IBPSA-USA SimBuild 2004 conference in early August and is
available here:  http://ceae.colorado.edu/ibpsa/ocs/viewpaper.php?id=75
We recently collected similar information on Energy-10, ESP-r, TRNSYS,
and eQuest, and plan to extend the comparison over the next few months.

Information on EnergyPlus, interfaces under development, and other
resources are available on our web site:  www.energyplus.gov

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