[BLDG-SIM] eQUEST/thermostat setpoints

David Lanceta dlanceta at mafalda.cps.unizar.es
Tue Feb 3 05:21:01 PST 2004

Dear colleagues

First of all, thanks everybody for your support. I know that sometimes I ask basic questions but I´m new in this and apart from the manuals, nobody can help me but you.

My question is this:

I don´t really understand how the thermostat in eQUEST work. What I´ve understood from the help is that when you are going to be over the cooling setpoint or down the heating one the HVAC says you need cool/hot . But for example, I´m using 4 pipe fan-coils in a residential building and even if I set the cooling setpoint to 100ºF (It´s an example) The chilled water meter says to me that for some hours I need little cooling in the Winter months!!!!!!!!!!! How can it be possible? Why it´s not exactly zero?

Can anybody help me to understand how the thermostat works in order to understand my results? Are the indoor design temperatures (72-75ºF) or the throttiling range (2ºF)  maybe the responsible? 

Thank you

David Lanceta 
Área de Mecánica de Fluidos
Centro Politécnico Superior
Universidad de Zaragoza
María de Luna 3, tel (0034)9761000 ext 5044

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