[BLDG-SIM] weather file conversion-info

Milind mantravadi milind_usd at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 19 00:37:24 PDT 2004

I am having a 'bangalore.Bin.audit' file and a
'bagalore.sta' file of the city Bangalore-India which
were used for DOE simulations. Now we are using Energy
plus. we tried using Eplus converter to convert to
Energy plus format. no success. below is the error

Error after 'convert file'
PROCESSING ERROR OCCURED: list of files conversion
completed. some errors occured in processing. please
review these in the audit file,

any idea how it can be done, any other converter or
methodology known. we need Bangalore weather file in
TMY format or other Eplus formats.
please let me know..

Milind M
Mysore - India

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