[BLDG-SIM] Static pressure reset control

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The VAV Design Guide that Graham mentioned discusses how to model duct
static reset control strategies using eQuest/DOE2.2.  The work includes
performance curves you can utilize to try and model a wide range of
operating conditions.  This is a great resource.  You can download it at
directly at.

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The only mechanism you have in EQuest/DOE-2.2 is to change the
FAN-EIR-FPLR, the way power input varies with flow output.  The most
appropriate curve for you application will depend on the distribution
network, location of duct static pressure sensors, pressure setpoint and
fan selection.  In simple terms constant duct static pressure will vary
flow approximately to the 1.8 to 2.2 power of flow while pressure reset
will approach a cube law as throttling losses are minimised.  The guys
at Taylor Engineering put together quite a good report on VAV systems
earlier this year which is available off the California Energy
Commission's website. Regards, Graham

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> I am now working on simulation of a 20 floors VAV system,in which the
owner required that the comparation of two kinds of fan control method
should be provided. Can equest run simulation about VAV with fan static
pressure reset control?
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