[BLDG-SIM] Automatic loop sizing

Dustin Schafer dschafer at bnim.com
Wed Aug 3 07:52:13 PDT 2005

Can anyone help me understand how Equest determines the required
heating/cooling capacity of a loop?  I've set all of the "size ratio"
settings to 1 and it still appears that the loop capacity is much higher
than required to meet the building peak load.  For example, on report
PS-D it lists a peak load of around 1090 Kbtuh for the chilled water
loop, but then on report PV-A it gives a loop cooling capacity of about
1760 Kbtuh.  If I look at the loading reports for that loop, I'm never
above 60 loaded, indicating to me that the loop is oversized.  Is Equest
sizing the loop to meet the sum of the coil peak loads rather than the
total building peak load?  

I'm new to Equest so it may be something obvious that I'm overlooking,
I'd appreciate any help that anyone could offer.


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