[BLDG-SIM] Comparison of 20 Building Energy Simulation Programs

Drury.Crawley at EE.DOE.GOV Drury.Crawley at EE.DOE.GOV
Tue Aug 2 20:23:59 PDT 2005

A new report is now available contrasting the features and
capabilities of twenty building energy simulation programs:
BLAST, BSim, DeST, DOE-2.1E, ECOTECT, Ener-Win, Energy Express, Energy-10,
EnergyPlus, eQUEST, ESP-r, IDA ICE, IES <VE>,
HAP, HEED, PowerDomus, SUNREL, Tas, TRACE and TRNSYS. This
comparison is based on information provided by program
developers and users in the following categories: general
modeling features; zone loads; building envelope, daylighting
and solar; infiltration, ventilation and multizone airflow;
renewable energy systems; electrical systems and equipment;
HVAC systems; HVAC equipment; environmental emissions; economic evaluation;
climate data availability; results reporting;
validation; and user interfaces, links to other programs, and availability.

The almost 60-page report, jointly published in July 2005 by
the U. S. Department of Energy, University of Strathclyde, and University
of Wisconsin-Madison, is available for download
(585 KB) from:


[Or if you haven't been to the Tools Directory recently--check
out the information on 300 tools from more than 20 countries
(www.energytoolsdirectory.gov) and look for the Comparison
report under Additional Resources on the lower right side.]

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