[bldg-sim] LEED modeling questions

John Weale jweale at eskimo.com
Wed Jan 12 20:46:04 PST 2005

Assuming you are using LEED-NC 2.1, daylighting is specifically mentioned
in the Reference guide in EA credit 1, Calculations, subheading "Schedules
of operation."  It appears to be allowed, but you have to actually
simulate it in the model; the base case and proposed case lighting
schedules must still be identical, so no schedule tweaking "estimation."
I assume you're in DOE2.1, so you should have the ability to simulate
daylight harvesting control to some extent.

The main limitations I have hit in simulating daylighting are you cannot
(easily) model daylighting from internal enclosed lightwells (atriums) or
light transmitted through zones, for example to interior zones via
perimeter office doorlites.  If you or any of the other folks on the list
know how to get around this, short of going to EnergyPlus, please share!
I'd love to be wrong on this...

A quick scan of the USGBC CIR's seems to indicate ice storage is a
perfectly valid design option.  The only modeling note is the base case
must use the same electricity rate schedule (and actually reduce the
energy cost, of course).  Mention is even made of an ice storage system
possibly being eligible for an innovation credit (?), but then isn't


John Weale

On Wed, 12 Jan 2005, peng xu wrote:

> I am currently working on an building model for a LEED project.  I was
> hoping to get some information on whether we can get any benefits in
> LEED for the two features listed below.
> 1)Day lighting control.  The new building will use day lighting
> control.  Can we get credit in LEED for this? Should the budget building
> be modeled with day lighting control also?
> 2)Ice storage.  ASHRAE 90.1-1999 did not specify how to deal with Ice
> storage system.  Can we get credit in LEED because it reduces energy
> cost? Should the budget building modeled with ice storage?
> Thanks
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