[bldg-sim] Expressions of interest in 2nd ESP-r Community Conference

Jon Hand jon at esru.strath.ac.uk
Thu Jan 13 05:24:40 PST 2005

Expressions of interest in 2nd ESP-r Community Conference

(apologies for cross-posting)

ESRU (Energy Systems Research Unit) are planning the 2nd ESP-r Community
Conference and we would like expressions of interest and comments from
the simulation community so that the next gathering of the ESP-r community
is even better than August of 2003 for users and developers!

Date and Venue

Week of 11 April 2005 at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow Scotland
for two days with optional pre or post conference advanced ESP-r training.


We are looking for a range of topics. We would hope for a number of
twenty minute presentations from...

* those who have pushed the boundaries of simulation use in
design/engineering practice.

* those who have used ESP-r in research projects or have an upcoming
project which will feature ESP-r.

* developers on new facilities, functionality or 3rd party links which
have recently been introduced and which are in progress.

* ...tell us your ideas!


It is good to talk, so lets do some brainstorming on:

* where the community wants to go with ESP-r and how to get there in
terms of talent and funds.

* resources for those developing code.

* what the next generation library of models for training and validation
should include.

* user support - tutorials, exercises, FAQ, and the cookbook.

* ...tell us your ideas!

Technical sessions

Implications of including GNU Fortran extensions in ESP-r (there are
sixty thousand lines being tested as you read this).

Compiling bespoke versions of ESP-r.

Evolving procedures for submitting code and testing of new code and
new models.

 ....tell us your ideas!


If there is interest, advanced one day courses might be hosted. We need to
know what topics are of interest so that we can find suitable instructors.
If you want to lead a workshop please forward your ideas.


Yes it does cost something to organise a conference and to provide
lunches and a dinner so there will be a nominal charge, 150 Pounds for
the conference. Advanced courses, if offered, will be charged at 170
Pounds per day.

---------------Reply form-------------------------------
Please send this to Jon Hand <jon at esru.strath.ac.uk> before
the end of January 2005.


[ ] I am interested in joining the conference
[ ] I prefer the start of the week of 11 April
[ ] I prefer the end of the week of 11 April
[ ] I prefer _______________________________

Tick any that apply
[ ] code developer, [ ] advanced user, [ ] intermediate user, 
[ ] novice user,    [ ] trainer,       [ ] QA/QC/support,  
[ ] researcher,     [ ] engineer,      [ ] architect,
[ ] manager,        [ ] other_______________________________

[ ] I will bring a laptop with the current ESP-r distribution
[ ] I will bring a laptop and I want to install ESP-r during
    the conference
[ ] I want to use one of the University computers

[ ] I would like to give a presentation on

[ ] I suggest the following technical session

[ ] I suggest the following brainstorming session

[ ] I am interested in advanced training on the following topics
[ ] _________________________________________
[ ] _________________________________________
[ ] _________________________________________
[ ] before the conference
[ ] after the conference

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