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I just used eQuest to model an ice storage system and I think your problem 
is how you specify the ice storage priority relative to the chillers.  You 
adjust this in Equipment Controls by assigning the sequence number to the 
ice storage and to the chiller (see HELP info pasted in below).  If you 
want the ice to share the load with the chiller, assign them both to be 
sequence #1.  The amount of load on each device will be based on the 
capacity of each that you specify in this section.

This spreadsheet contains a list of integers that specify the order in 
which the equipment is used to satisfy the load¾equipment with higher 
sequence numbers are not turned on until the load cannot be met by the 
previously sequenced equipment.
During any given hour, equipment assigned sequence number 1 turns on first, 
then if the load is not satisfied, the equipment with sequence number 2 
turns on, etc. The equipment listed in the Boiler Name, Chiller Name, etc. 
spreadsheets need not appear in the same order of the sequence
¾you can assign the sequence numbers in any order (however, they default to 
the row number in the spreadsheet). This allows you, for example, to change 
the sequence numbers and perform multiple simulations to optimize sequencing.
You can assign more than one piece of equipment to the same sequence 
number. For example, if two units are intended to always turn on and 
operate together, assign them the same sequence number.
DOE-2 “turns on” as many units as are required to meet the load. The load 
per unit is prorated based on that unit’s capacity relative to the total 
capacity of units operating (you can, however, assign an upper limit to 
each unit’s capacity using the Maximum Load).
See Also:
Equipment Controls and Load Management

At 06:15 AM 7/29/2005, Samuel Hassid wrote:
>    I have a question on ice storage in DOE2.1.E
>    I am using TES-TYPE Brine and I defined in the begining a CTANK-BASE-T 
> parameter of 46 oF - below which the energy stored cannot be retrieved.
>    Not liking what I was seing - ie that a large part of the energy 
> stored could not be retrieved the next day - I defined a higher value of 
> the CTANK-BASE-T parameter. However, I was shocked to see that even if I 
> define 55 oF as tank base- in the end I get the same behaviour, with the 
> temperature of the storage being higher.
>     Is there any way around this problem one could suggest ?
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