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Andy Tindale andy at designbuilder.co.uk
Tue Apr 4 10:30:38 PDT 2006

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DesignBuilder V 1.1 - New User Interface for EnergyPlus

DesignBuilder Version 1.1 is an exciting new user interface for
EnergyPlus.  Based around our innovative OpenGL modelling tool,
it allows even inexperienced users to access EnergyPlus' most
powerful features:

-  Provides most commonly used HVAC systems including VAV
   with terminal reheat with options for VAV box and outside
   air control, constant volume, DX unitary systems, packaged
   rooftop systems, fan coil units, hot water radiators and
   underfloor heating.

-  Detailed simulation of air flow through cracks and openings
   from wind and buoyancy effects.  You can control window/vent
   opening using timers and thermostats.

-  All significant EnergyPlus fabric, glazing, shading, natural
   ventilation and daylight control features are implemented.

-  Also: shading and reflection from architectural features;
   electrochromic glazing; transparent insulation; free cooling;
   night cooling; glazed cavities such as double facades and
   Trombe walls etc.

Simulation data can be shown in annual, monthly, daily, hourly
or sub-hourly intervals:

-  Energy consumption broken down by fuel and end-use.
-  Heat input from heating and cooling coils.
-  Internal air, mean radiant and operative temperatures and humidity
-  Comfort output including temperature distribution curves,
   ASHRAE 55 comfort criteria, Fanger PMV, Pierce PMV ET,
   Pierce PMV SET, Pierce Discomfort Index (DISC), Pierce Thermal
   Sens. Index (TSENS), Kansas Uni TSV.
-  Site weather data
-  Heat transmission through building fabric including walls, roofs,
   infiltration, ventilation etc.
-  Heating and cooling loads.
-  CO2 generation.

The DesignBuilder user interface is the result of a considerable
development effort over the last seven years.  It has been designed
from the ground up to be easy to use while retaining the flexibility
to allow just about any building to be modelled.  The most important
interface features are:

-  OpenGL building modeller allows building models to be assembled by
   positioning 'blocks' in 3-D space.  Blocks can be cut, moved and
   stretched allowing you to work with just about any geometry.
-  Easily generate stunning rendered images and movies of your building
   design including the effect of site shading for any day of the year.
   Explore the model using simple view controls.
-  Data templates allow you to load common building constructions,
   activities, HVAC & lighting systems into your design by selecting
   from drop-down lists. You can also add your own templates if you
   often work on similar types of buildings.
-  Data inheritance allows global changes to be made at building,
   block or zone level. This doesn't sound very impressive but it is
   the underlying basis for DesignBuilders' flexibility and ease of use!
-  Control the level of detail in each building model allowing the tool
   to be used effectively at any stage of the design or evaluation process.
-  Switch between Model Edit View and Environmental performance data with
   a single click - data is displayed without the need to run external
   modules and import data - any simulations required to generate the
   data are started automatically.
-  Building geometry can be imported from CAD data and traced over
   within DesignBuilder to create blocks and to partition blocks up into
-  Export IDF files and work with them outside DesignBuilder to access
   system functionality not provided by DesignBuilder.
-  Heating and cooling plant sizes can be calculated using design weather
-  ASHRAE worldwide design weather data and locations (4429 data sets) are
-  Latest EnergyPlus hourly weather files are available (1258 data sets)
   free using the DesignBuilder 'Install on Demand' feature.


The price for DesignBuilder version 1 is 1449 USD which includes EnergyPlus
and Visualisation modules, all version 1.x updates and priority e-mail
You can find out more about the various licensing options from the website:



We have exciting plans for future versions of DesignBuilder.  Once the
Version 1.x feature set is complete (summer 2006) we plan to start
developing a detailed HVAC system modeller, a CFD simulation capability
and advanced data management and reporting functions.  We are currently
testing our UK Part-L building regulations compliance modules and will
start work very soon on providing certified building regulations compliance
reports for Australia and New Zealand. We also expect to provide LEED
reports later in the year.

You can find out more about DesignBuilder from our web site:


You can also download a free 30-day evaluation version of the software.
And if you have downloaded DesignBuilder in the past and would like us
to extend your evaluation please contact me.

Let me know if you need any further information about the software.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

Andy Tindale
DesignBuilder Software

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