[BLDG-SIM] Indirect Evap Cooling Not Appearing in BEPS Report

Tupper, Kendra Kendra.Tupper at sf.fk.com
Wed Apr 26 09:55:11 PDT 2006

I am trying to model an indirect evaporative cooler in eQuest, and am
encountering a the following problem.

No space cooling energy is being shown in the BEPS report for my
indirect evap coolers - in fact, there is no change in any of my end use
categories!  If I change the type to Direct, then the report shows space
cooling savings, and increased fan energy (from added pressure drop) as

I looked in the supplemental Evap. Cooling report that DOE-2 provides,
and this report shows a total cooling energy of about 1,000 MBtu for the
indirect case.  A very small amount of electric energy is being consumed
by the pump, but not nearly enough to offset the cooling savings.  This
report also shows that the indirect evap. cooler is operating for about
6000 hrs/yr (location is Las Vegas) - with this runtime, it seems
impossible that the there is no change in any end use categories in the
BEPS report!

I also printed hourly reports for the electric power and total cooling
of the indirect evaporative cooler, and these reports indicate that the
evap. cooler is running and performing cooling.

Does anyone know why this cooling is not appearing in the main DOE-2
reports, such as BEPS (or the reports that come up in eQuest)?  I don't
understand why the reports account for direct evaporative cooling, but
not indirect.  

Thank you in advance!


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