[BLDG-SIM] eQUEST ground source heat pump

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One other thing you need to be sure to do if you're trying to model
ground source heat pumps is to download the GSHP performance curves from
the DOE22.com website.  The default curves in eQuest are not suitable
for the low water temperatures typically associated with ground source
The curves need to be copied into the .inp file which you can do with a
text editor.  The inp file is located in the project folder that equest
creates for your model.  The zip file with the curves includes
directions on where in the inp file they need to be copied.

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	I'm trying to change an existing model from a conventional
packaged HVAC system to a ground source heat pump.  Is there any
document providing instructions for setting this up?  I have already
changed my boiler and chiller to a heat pump system, and added a
circulation loop. But I don't know how to add a ground source heat
exchanger to my circulation loop amongst other things. 

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