[BLDG-SIM] ESP-r training day at MIT July 31 2006 (prior to IBPSA conference)

Jon Hand jon at esru.strath.ac.uk
Wed Jul 5 12:07:42 PDT 2006

In case you have not visited the IBPSA conference web site recently...

The IBPSA conference web site now has information about an ESP-r
workshop day. This will be a great opportunity to network
with the development team and find out about
what is new and noteworthy and planned for future releases.

The workshop will provide an overview of ESP-r for novices
as well as time for existing users to explore some of those
hidden corners of the suite.  

And those of you are curious about whether ESP-r might be a useful 
tool for your group this is your chance to take it for a test drive with
plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

ESP-r workshop

Monday, July 31, 2006
Participants should bring a laptop computer with one of the following configurations. 
Participants must contact the instructor, Dr. Jon W. Hand, prior to July 15 to specify 
their computer details and get instructions for downloading and installing ESP-r 
along with its graphic library dependencies prior to 15 July; those who do not 
may be refused entry to the course.

A recent 32-bit Linux distribution which has 'the gimp' installed (this will ensure 
   the graphic library dependencies are satisfied).
Windows with a 'full' cygwin emulation environment pre-loaded.
Windows 2K or XP.
Mac (PowerPC) with X11 and the development tools installed.

Sponsor: IBPSA Scotland and the Energy Systems Research Unit of the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow Scotland.

Information: http://www.esru.strath.ac.uk
Registration: email jon at esru.strath.ac.uk

Cancellation policy:
100% refund if the workshop is cancelled.
Full refund if participant cancels before July 15, 2006.
50% refund if participant cancels before July 28, 2006.
ESP-r is distributed under GPL and participants are free to use it for any private or commercial use consistent with the GPL.

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