[BLDG-SIM] how to use doe2 weather utilities

Abhijeet Pande pande at h-m-g.com
Thu Mar 2 23:03:42 PST 2006

The command for converting bin file to text file is MKAFT. This is a
batch file that uses the BIN2TXT.exe executable to convert a .bin file
in the weather directory to a text file.
Below is an excerpt from the DOE2 weather utilities readme file - 
MKAFT.BAT  Batch file to create a text file from a binary file using
              useage:  MKAFT filename
              filename is DOE-2 binary (filename.bin) in WEATHER (no
              filename.ft is placed in WEATHER directory

Assuming your bin file name is example.bin, type " MKAFT example" to
create example.ft file in the weather directory.
You may also need to edit the MKAFT.Bat file to set the path to your DOE
weather directory, weather.bin and weather.fmt files.
Hope this helps,
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Dear all
I am now trying to  convert bin weather file to txt file. I tried the
bin2txt.exe downloaded form doe2 website. But I can not open the
program.  the following error message is always displayed:"*ERR* IO-09
system file error--end of file". I am wondering how to use this weather
utility. And by the way the operating system is window2000. would you
please tell me how to convert bin file to txt file.Thank you very much
in advance.


Nicole Chen 

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