[bldg-sim] LEED Certificate for Semiconductor Factories

Gang Wu gangwu1 at yahoo.com
Mon May 22 07:22:32 PDT 2006

Hi folks,
  I  am not sure if the topic is worth of discussion.
  When browsing its web sites I happen to find that Intel anounces one of its sustainable goals that is to register its first LEED project by the end of 2006. It comes up to my mind if LEED rating system works for semiconductor factories, which basically consist of fab and assembling and testing factories.
  Both of the two type of factories, esp. fab ones, have very intensive processing load, large volume of poisonous exhaust such as acid steam, large amount of chemical wastes, and water treatment that are specifically designed. Fab factories mandates 24-hour operation and extremely high system reliability such as Intel's N+1 requirement.
  I don't think measures can be taken to optimize mechanical system even through simulation due to the complicated processing requirement. Such ECMs as waterside heat recovery, variable primary flow systems, DC FFUs are already utilized or even standard configuration of current fab factories. I don't know how much building performance would be improved as a result of optimizing building envelop, lighting, etc.. when process load is very high (say 300~500 W/sq. m). And if my understanding is correct LEED NC 2.2 and ASHRAE 90-2004 stipulate that all energy end use including processing and equipment load be taken into account when rating the energy performance.
  And compared to the large amount of water required for processing,  the amount of water for irrigation or flushing is negligible. And totally different from an office environment, to talk about IEQ in a sealed space full of chemical exhaust such as SOx, NOx doesn't make much sense.
  I believe that a fab factory could be qualified for LEED certificate or even Silver if carefully designed. I am just wondering whether the factory can really benefit a lot from LEED other than marketing or corporate image that is considered.
  I may be missing something due to my limited knowledge or my understanding is completely wrong. I highly appreciate if  I am informed of any good case study of semiconductor factories in US.
  Thanks for any comments and advice.
  Glenn Wu

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