[BLDG-SIM] Call for presentations for ASHRAE Meeting 2007 -- Use of 'equation solver' for modeling and simulation

Wetter, Michael UTRC WetterM at utrc.utc.com
Wed May 3 06:45:52 PDT 2006


Call for Presentations

for Seminar at

ASHRAE Meeting Dallas, Texas, January 27-31, 2007


Seminar title

Use of 'equation solver' for modeling and simulation



Prof. Jean Lebrun, University of Liege
J.Lebrun at ulg.ac.be <mailto:J.Lebrun at ulg.ac.be> 


Michael Wetter, United Technologies Research Center
WetterM at utrc.utc.com <mailto:WetterM at utrc.utc.com>  


We are looking for three to four speakers for a 90 minute seminar to be
held at the ASHRAE meeting in Dallas. Please, see below for the seminar
abstract and deadlines. For questions, please feel free to contact Prof.
Jean Lebrun and Michael Wetter.



This seminar shall show how simulation packages that are built using
equation-based solvers can benefit the building energy community. Such
software packages typically separate the formulation of a model's
underlying physics from its numerical solution algorithms. This allows
input-output free modeling, which facilitates model reuse and the
selection of the numerical solution algorithm that is best suited for
the problem at hand. Equation-based simulation packages are frequently
used in various industrial sectors. In building energy simulation,
however, they have not yet enjoyed wide-spread use. Based on a
technology assessment and case-studies, this seminar shall stimulate
discussions to understand their applicability, advantages and
limitations for the building energy community.



May 15, 2006: Extended Deadline for Submission of 100-200 word abstract
to WetterM at utrc.utc.com

June 1, 2006: Notification of acceptance.

July 1, 2006: Submission of presentation slides.

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