[BLDG-SIM] Slat Schedule of window blind

Graham & Megan hamnmegs at ozemail.com.au
Sat Nov 4 18:04:30 PST 2006

Last time I used window layers (in 2.2 which I understand is the same code carried over from 2.1E) to look at an external operable blind I found the trend in the results to be worrying.  I ran a number of tests with transparent (99% transmission) and open blinds and found the results to be very different, and intuitively in the wrong direction, from a window with no blinds.  I did speak with Jeff Hirsch at the time and we agreed the results were odd though it wasn't conclusive whether there were bugs or not.

When using blinds in window layers I would strongly recommend you review your results (hourly is best) and satisfy yourself that the results are robust.

Has anyone else had similar issues or better yet provide a little clarity on this?
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  Dear all:
           I am describing a window using layers in eQUEST,and I am setting a blind in the window.
  I want to know which schedule for slates is better and how to set it. Can someone give me some suggestions?


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